Orchards shall grow all over Skerries!

We of Sustainable Skerries recently kicked off something new and very promising: Skerries Open Orchards Project – and we also managed to get some funding through ChangeX!

Some more details are on our ChangeX page – and sign up to be a Treee Guardian for Kelly’s Bay Open Orchard (or a future open orchard in Skerries) now, either here on this page or, if it does not work for you, by following this link!

We expect our first Meeting of the Kelly’s Bay Open Orchard Guardians to take place on Saturday 11 December 2021, at 4 pm on location. Physically distanced, of course!

This is what it could look like…
A possible map of the area. Thanks to Janet Martin for the lovely drawing!

By the way, we are extremely happy to have the support of Fingal County Council for this project – we are currently reaching out to local residents via leaflets to give them the opportunity to become one of the 10 guardians needed for this area – and we hope to have many more such open orchards in Skerries in future. If you’re interested, contact us via email: sustskerries at gmail.com !

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