Update: Community gardens and Allotments

Sustainable Skerries recently met with representatives of Fingal county Council about the possibility of both Community gardens and Allotments in the town. The good news is that the council supports both projects . The bad news is that there is no funding available to get the projects off the ground.

Despite the lack of funding the project is, however, going ahead. We are currently collating a list of all those who would be interested in using the community gardens or who would actively participate in the allotments. If that’s you, leave a comment re. this post, and we’ll add you to the ever growing list, no pun intended.

4 Comments on “Update: Community gardens and Allotments

  1. i would love to be part of the community garden. and when i get back to skerries i shall be working towards getting it up and running and participating in it as well as trying to get others interested.

  2. i would also love to have an allotment as i have no garden to call my own.

    • Hi Liam,

      please send your name and email address to sustskerries@yahoo.ie detailing whther you want a 10m x 10m or 5m x 10m allotment. Also if you want organic or not organic.
      All the best,


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