Community Harvest Group – Skerries

Sustainable Skerries is launching the Community Harvest Group. This is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSA’s are a partnership between the people in the local community and the grower where we all work together to provide healthy, local food for our families and our community. This partnership allows us to share both the rewards and also the challenges that our independent farmers face every year. CSA’s are a relatively new concept in Ireland but they have been working wonderfully in USA, Canada and in Europe for many years.

 By joining, we as members get a lot closer to where our food comes from. Each member pays a set monthly fee and in return you receive a weekly box of locally grown, freshly picked and seasonal organic vegetables. As a member you can also visit the farm on Member’s Day to walk the land, learn about the vegetables being grown or even  help with the harvest. A newsletter is sent out regularly keeping you involved in the daily happenings on the farm. By forming CSA’s we make each farm a community in itself.

The CSA allows everyone the opportunity to have access to a resilient, local and healthy food supply. We are currently getting a panel of people who are interested in joining the CSA. We understand that you will have lots of questions and reservations. So we will be inviting potential members to a consultation meeting. This will give you a chance to ask questions about the food, the money and how the scheme will operate. We will have the organic farmer at the meeting and we in Sustainable Skerries will be there to pull the whole thing together and help make it work.

Community Harvest Group is a working group of Sustainable Skerries, we are a “Not For Profit” group affiliated to the Skerries Community Association. We are limiting the number of members in the scheme to approximately 25 in the first year. The reason for this is to allow us in the Community Harvest Group, you the members and the Organic Grower to learn and develop at a reasonable rate in the first year.

If you are interested in learning more or in becoming a member please contact us at:


Phone: 087 2266 922

2 Comments on “Community Harvest Group – Skerries

    • Hi Charlotte,

      many thanks for your comments. I have had a look at your website and how your CSA works, it looks fantastic.
      We have a few questions for you. One of the other guys in our group, Rosaleen, is going to get back to youlater this week.
      I would love to know a bit more about how you set up the website. It looks perfect for the purpose.
      I hope to be in contact later.

      Best regards,

      Frank Mc Keown
      (Chairperson, Sustainable Skerries)

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