Planning Application for 400+ New houses across the road from Allotments

Noonan Construction Ltd have lodged a planning application for 103 houses across the road from the Allotments site. This is the first phase of a development of over 400 houses and appartments which will run from the back of Hillside to St Micheals House near the Golf Club.
 Noonan Construction Ltd. are a development company based in Dun Laighoire. The Noonan website says that they bought a 17 acre site in Skerries in 2005, and say they are seeking planning permission in 2011.
The impact to the allotments will be major.
–   They plan to run the main sewerage pipe through the allotments field to get to the sewerage main at Downside. The Downside sewerage main will be under a much greater pressure than previously.
–   They plan to direct all the storm water run off through the allotments by directing down the drainage ditch at the south side of the site. This will then run into the main stream where we get our water. It will result in a High chance of flooding and pollution of the water supply.
–   The houses will be directly across the road from the allotments and will take up the full road frontage of the Golf Links Road.
–   The Coup de Grace is that because the development is of such high density, they have no Class 1 open space, so they are using the allotments as the Class 1 open space. Cynical.
–   There will also be a serious impact on the Skerries Sewerage treatment plant and the capacity of the towns water supply which is already under serious strain with a leakage rate of over 40%.
If you want to have a look at the Fingal Co Co website, check out Search for Planning Application. and type  F11A/0309. The planning application went in on 22nd August. Planning objections need to be submitted by Friday 23rd September. No time to lose.

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