Sustainable Skerries Launched

Photo, Dagmar Tirge-Lille

Photo, Dagmar Tirge-Lille

The Sustainable Skerries Transition town initiative was launched in Skerries Mills on Sunday May 3rd. There was an excellent turnout, with crowds flocking to learn more about sustainable energy, gardening, beekeeping, composting, biodiversity, insulation, and a host of energy saving devices. There were activities for kids, the Bike Doctor tended to broken bikes, and even the sun made an appearance.

Green Party TD and Minister for state for food and horticulture, Trevor Sargent officially launched the transition town initiative, stating that Skerries was joining towns like Kinsale, and closer to home, Balbriggan, in creating a greener and more energy efficient place to live.

A large number of people registered their interest in getting involved, with everything from gardening to biomass briquetting mentioned as areas of interest. We’ll be getting in touch with all these in the weeks ahead. If you wanted to get involved you can email us your details and any areas of expertise or interest here

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