World Café: a deadly buzz…

           Our World Café evening went extremely well. Topics up for discussion ranged from Food Supply Resilience, Water security, Sustainable Transport, Trees and how we can plant more Nut and Fruit trees in our open spaces, Allotments, How will we be heating our homes in a Post Peak oil world and Reskilling.

The large crowd filled the Mills Café and really got into the whole World Café concept. Absolutly everyone got involved in every topic, with a lot of very valuable ideas and brainwaves. The facilitators did a great job of sumarising the findings from each table and were greeted with warm applause. Hopefully this will be the first of many such World Cafés.

Everyone who gave us their contact details on the night will recieve a summary of each Tables/Topics findings and brainwaves.

Our thanks to the Ray in the Skerries Mills for accomodating us on the night.

Deep discussions at the World Café

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