Community Harvest Group – First Meeting

This is a short update on the status of the Community Harvest Group – Skerries.

We have replied to everyone who expressed an interest in joining the CHG. At this stage we have a very good response rate to the publicity which went out earlier in the month.

A public meeting will be now held for all potential CHG members during the third week of November. We will confirm the date, venue by email directly to the potential members ( it will of course be in our beautiful Skerries!).
At the meeting, we can all get to know one another and the farmer. It will be an opportunity to learn more, ask questions, share thoughts, concerns, ideas etc

Most critically, at that meeting we will be signing up members via the membership agreement and the members application form. Signing up will include completing a direct debit mandate for the upfront monthly payments. Each member will receive a copy of the agreement in advance. The Community Harvest group will also sign an agreement between it and the farmer.
Also at the meeting, we would be delighted to find members who would like to join the core group. This core group will essentially lead the Community Harvest Group – Skerries with the farmer, positions to be considered will include (treasurer, communications officer, members day liasion etc )

We are very excited about the Community Harvest Group – Skerries and are thrilled that there are so many people interested in joining. We look forward to meeting everyone and creating a community of people who who want to receive fresh, seasonal and local produce and want to directly support local independent farming to achieve that.

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