Great Weekend at the Allotments.

We had glorious weather for both Meithal days at the Skerries Allotments site this weekend. With over 50 people helping out. We were able to get another pathway prepared and a trench dug in prepartion for planting a new hedge on the eastern side of the site. This new hedge will be made up of Whitethorn and Hazel, and will not only protect the site from the bitterly cold east winds coming of the sea, but will improve the bio-diversity on the edges of the site. Mary Marsden (Skerries Allotments Assoc) and Tom Hussey (Fingal Co Co) gave us an update on the allotments project so far, and were able to answer several questions from some people in the work party. The work was very rewarding and the banter was great. We will be arranging another Meithal day very soon. Watch this space.

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