Sustainable Skerries – Fuel Allotment Association

Sustainable Skerries is inviting people who may be interested in growing Willow trees on a 200 sq metre allotment for fuel, to join our Fuel Allotment Association.

The Skerries Fuel Allotment Association ( Skerries FAA) will establish 20-30 fuel allotments on a site near Skerries. The project is being run to improve our energy resilience and give members the chance to reduce their heating bills, especially as the cost of oil begins to increase over the coming years.

It is projected that an allotment will take about eight hours of manual work per month, involving the initial planting, weed control, and end of year harvesting and wood processing.

The Willow will be grown in a short cycle coppice, which means that the trees will be trimmed back each year, this wood being available for fuel. The tree is then allowed to regenerate and produce more fuel for the following year. This system can give 20 years of fuel from each tree.

It’s estimated that each allotment will yield about one tonne of dried fuel. Which will be equivalent to €400 of home heating oil at today’s prices.

If you are interested in hearing more about this new concept contact Sustainable Skerries at

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