Carbon Cowboys

Charlie Heasman; 10/10/2019


Skerries allotment holders have been focusing their attention a lot lately on issues of soil management and sustainability.

First was a visit from Klaus Laitenberger during which he spoke at some length about soil stewardship, or more particularly the lack of it when it comes to modern farming practices.  In other words, the long-term unsustainable depletion of soils worldwide due to over reliance on chemical fertilisers.

Currently we have Fingal CC promoting a composting course, the theory side being in Skerries Mills and the practical in the allotments.

There is a surprising amount of overlap in what we are hearing from both parties, which is this: however much it might be convenient (at present) to ignore the fact, modern agricultural food production technologies are unsustainable.

Bad news indeed.  Best to ignore it for as long as we can huh?


Speaking as someone who ‘farms’ a mere 200 sq m of soil, and tries in hope to do it properly, I know that even if I get it right I am contributing such a minuscule amount of effort as to be meaningless.  I can therefore empathise with a friend who, during the Laitenberger talk, professed that she found it interesting but deeply depressing.

Depressing indeed, why bother?

The answer is that if we all bother we can make a change.  But it requires everyone.

Here’s some good news:



And here’s the link:

It would appear that there are answers; and not just at an urban warrior, tree hugging, brown bread and sandles level.  There is still time.  Watch the vid.  It will take 12 minutes of your life and hopefully both cheer you up and give you cause to fight on.

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