sustainable energy community Public Meeting

The Sustainable Energy Future of Skerries – A Community Effort!

We all try to do our bit to make our way of life more sustainable. We recycle, try to reduce our water usage, maybe buy more organic food and reduce food waste. The way we heat our homes and use electricity and other sources of energy is no different – there is a lot we can do to be more sustainable energy users. But how do we prioritise what to do first, and how do we help each other to make a sustainable energy difference in our community?

Skerries recently joined the SEAI Sustainable Energy Communities and we would like to talk to you about ideas for how to make sustainable energy projects in Skerries – driven by the ideas of the community, and supported by the SEAI and others.

 We invite you to come along to our first online community engagement event:

  • Wednesday 17 February from 8pm. 

This information and consultation evening will take place on Zoom, and you can register for it here:

The Skerries Sustainable Energy Community committee will introduce itself and you will hear more about how the Sustainable Energy Community program works. We will open the floor for discussion groups and capture all the great ideas about how we can make Skerries a sustainable energy community.

All interested parties from Skerries and the surrounding area are welcome to attend, from interested individuals / families to businesses, sports clubs and not-for-profit organisations.

 For any further information or questions about Skerries Sustainable Energy Community, please write to the Committee Chair, Michael Mullan-Jensen at

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