On a roll for our future: When Arnd Drossel of My Promise Mother Earth came to Skerries

German environmentalist Arnd Drossel is on the way to Glasgow. In July, he set off in his 160 kg steel ball, which he welded together with his son. And his goal is to get to Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Conference #COP26 in Glasgow the UN Climate Change Conference #COP26 in November… gathering promises on the way.

Every day, he covers between eight and ten kilometres. Wherever he rolls, people stop him to ask about his project. He explains it simply:

“I’m doing this for our children. For their future. We humans have to take the issues of climate change and environmental protection into our own hands. Every contribution, no matter how small, is absolutely useful and indispensable! The UN climate conference will take place in Glasgow on November 1, 2021. We bring every single promise you make on our website there.”

When the opportunity arose at very short notice to bring him en route from Dublin to Belfast through Skerries, we jumped. A few dozen Skerries residents gave Arnd and his human hamsterball a very warm welcome today (Sat 2 October 2021).

You can find out more about Arnd and his project on his website, mypromise.earth/en as well as on his Instagram account and his Facebook page. Thanks for visiting, Arnd!

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