Crisp Packet Collection Ends on 15 March 2022

For the last couple of years, you have been collecting your crisp packets and dropping them off in our collection box in SuperValu. Cristina has been sending them to become high-quality recycled plastic. Please continue to do so! Until the middle of March at least. However, from then on we can no longer accept them.

Cristina writes: “TerraCycle have decided to discontinue the crisp packets recycling scheme (see their email below). In the next few weeks I will contact SV to thank them for their support and will send the last delivery towards the end of March. Thanks to everyone for your support on this.”

TerraCycle’s full email:
We cannot thank you enough for your dedication and support over the past three years. When we launched The Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme with Walkers in December 2018, there was no nationwide solution for recycling flexible plastics, such as crisp packets. You immediately embraced the scheme and demonstrated just how much people wanted to recycle their packets!
With your help, we have collected millions and given them a second life, turning crisp packets into new products like outdoor furniture and playgrounds. Not only this, but your actions have helped change the way others think about recycling. 
Over the past year, flexible plastic points have been established at more than 150 supermarket locations in the Republic of Ireland. This means crisp packets can now be dropped off for recycling, along with all other types of flexible plastic, at any of these locations. Additionally, flexible plastics can now be collected via household recycling schemes. In light of these developments, and after careful consideration, The Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme will close this April.

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