The first First Fridays For Future event

The climate crisis has been growing, but we can’t just sit there and let doom and gloom ruin our lives.
We can do something!

In the book “Regeneration – Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation,” Paul Hawken says if everybody picks something they’re enthusiastic about and does something about that, that would spread. Don’t go: Oh, what do I have to do? Go: What do I WANT to do? Then go and do it.

At these First Fridays For Future, we want to highlight one thing every time that a part of the community is doing because they love doing it, and spread the word that way. And we hope we will be more and more.

Not in anger, but in hope and positivity.

We started on Friday 3 June 2022. You can see here how it went:

Join us for the next First Fridays For Future event:
1 July 2022: A picnic for climate and biodiversity. Meet at Skerries Mills at 7 pm.

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