First Fridays For Future

Getting together at 7 pm on the first Friday of every month, for 45-60 minutes.

Next event:

Month Number 3: Friday 5th August 2022: 7 pm, at South Strand, meet on the grass behind the Sailing Club: Let’s gather and see the biodiversity harboured along Skerries South Strand aka South Beach.

No need to sign up, just come along! 

Previous Events:

Month Number 2: Friday 1 July 2022: A picnic for biodiversity and climate action at Skerries Mills

Seasonal. Local. Organic. Waste-minimising. Ecosphere-enhancing. Regenerative
= SLOWER Food!

We braved the rain, saw the Community Gardens at Skerries Mills, welcomed platains, wholemeal sourdough bread, homemade popcorn, wonderful cake made by a 10 year old, wonderful cookies made by his 15-year-old sister (actually, they may be 9 and 16 or 11 and 14… apologies…), peppermint tea and good chat. Join us for August, 7 pm on Friday 5 August at the South Strand (meet at the public toilers) for a walk to see the biodiversity of Skerries South Strand.

Month Number 1: Friday 3rd June 2022: 7 pm, at the Ballast Pit Open Orchard.

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