Skerries Cycling Initiative Fun Cycle

bikeThe Skerries Cycling Initiative (SCI) is leading a FUN CYCLE to Lusk on Saturday, May 23rd, weather permitting!

The show gets on the road in the Mill Car Park at 12 noon. From there riders will travel around Skerries, out the Baldungan Road, down to Lusk and back again. If there are sufficient numbers and stewards to meet Health & Safety requirements, the riders will divide into two groups : adult/competent riders who will proceed directly to Lusk and a Family/novice rider group, which will travel more slowly, with stops along the way.

Please ensure that your bike is in full working order. Children must be accompanied by a competent parent or adult.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to be a steward, please contact Ray Ryan of the Skerries Cycling Initiative on 01 8494171.

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