Allotments Update Meeting

Saturday morning on the 26th June we held a meeting in the Café at the Skerries Mills (thanks to Ray for accomodating us) to give an update on the current status of the allotments in Skerries and to allow those interested to complete an application form for one of the allotments. We were also fortunate to have Tom Hussey, Parks Superintendant from Fingal Co Co in attendance. Many thanks to Tom for taking time out of his weekend to attend the meeting.

Mary Marsden from Sustainable Skerries gave an update on the current status of the project.
Currently we are still waiting for the new gateway to be opened in the boundary wall on to the public road, we are also waiting for a limited amount of parking to be provided. (We would encourage people to walk or cycle to the allotments). These measures are a minimum requirement for a safe access and egress from the site. The land also needs to be ploughed and rotavated before we can move in. We hope to be in a position to get in to the site in the second half of July.

Tom made it clear that there was virtually no budget for this project, however, we were assured of his commitment to the project. We also assured Tom that the people in the room were fully committed to the project and were more than willing to give up their time and energy to help. For example clearing stones from the fields before rotavating, or marking out the plots and pathways.
Tom answered several questions from the room. We discussed water supply, Organic and Non-Organic plots and the provision of toilets and bicycle racks. We also got an oppurtunity to see an aerial photo of the two fields concerned and a draft layout of the allotments. There will be an open area in the middle of each field to allow for picnics and small gatherings on a summers evening.

We hope to have another meeting in two or three weeks, with the possibility of going up to the site. Keep an eye out for email notifications and notices on this website.

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