Allotments Update

At last, we are getting real action on the allotments. The contractor has been working on the field since Thursday 8th July. So far they have opened up the wall and have built a fence stepped back from the road to allow for safe access and egress. They have put down some hardcore stones for a limited amount of parking, we would really encourage folks to walk or bicycle to the fields when they can. They are also in the process of improving access to the second field to the east.

So thankfully we will be in a position to get a work party together to clear stones and litter from the fields before they are ploughed. We are informed that the official opening will happen in middle of August. We will get the word out to everyone who has completed an application form, via email and also through this website when we are ready to get the first of many workparties together.

Watch this space.

One Comment on “Allotments Update

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    Great post all around, added your XML feed! Love this theme, too!

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