The Allotments Spring In To Life!

At last we are digging up our own allotments.

The sun shone on us all last week as we started to get the plots ready for the first early potatoes going in. All around the allotments, people were starting to make headway on the their  plots, fencing was being fitted, new sheds were sprouting up everywhere, some very architecturally interesting gates were built and installed, (we could hold a “most interesting gate” competition later in the year).  Its fascinating walking around the allotment fields observing how each person is planning and developing their plot, everyone stamping their character on the land. It is going to be a very busy summer establishing our new allotments. It would really encourage everyone to join the newly formed Skerries Allotment Association. You can help to develop our new community of growers and we might get some good deals on a seeds and sheds.

The best news of all, Mary and Cathal got to plant their seed potatoes.  Its taken over 18 months of meetings, planning, campaigning, blood sweat and many frustrating tears to get these spuds into the ground. They will definitely be the sweetest spuds ever grown. Well done lads!!

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