Skerries Community Harvest Group Update

The Skerries CHG first veg boxes will be ready on Saturday May 7th, and to celebrate the CHG will be holding a launch at Skerries Mills at 11am (details of collection will be confirmed by email to the CHG members before then). It will be a chance for the CHG to meet as a group, have a cuppa and get to know each other a little bit as they pick up the first boxes. We’re inviting some of the press along too. It’s an occasion worth marking so please do come along to support the Community Harvest Group!

If your a CHG member or would you like to have a hand in producing some wonderful organic veg and learn a bit more about growing organic vegetables and fruit, and if you have even an hour to spare per week, or a couple of hours per fortnight, your help would be greatly appreciated on the organic farm. Anyone interested in volunteering is invited to the farm on Thursday 14th April 2011, 7-8 pm, to meet Paddy the farmer, walk around the farm and hear what type of help is needed. May and June are particularly critical times so any time you could give would be very welcome.

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