This Was Our Global Feast 2020

Whether they preferred cooking or eating, or both – the people of Skerries were invited to the 1st Sustainable Skerries Global Feast on Saturday, 8 March 2020. It was a true celebration of all the different cultures here in Skerries. The Old School at Skerries Community Centre was a great venue for this event and really added to the atmosphere. 

Everyone was thinking global and did their best to buy the ingredients locally. Especially good was the no-waste ethos: The organisers, Christine and Co, had asked everyone to bring their own plate, cutlery, cup… This worked really well, and is something we will certainly try to replicate for future Sustainable Skerries events!

There was space for 15 local people to volunteer to prepare a dish or dessert each, and for just over 60 in total to be at the event. There would have been demand for way more spaces, and once such events are possible again, we hope to run something similar.

The chefs brought in wonderful food that was laid out buffet style. We all sat around tables of 8 and tucked in. The atmosphere was wonderful, as was the food, and it felt as though not just new contacts, but possibly new friendships were made. Recipes were exchanged, and there was even a bit of singing!

The guests had been encouraged to bring containers in case they’d like to bring some food home. In the end, there were few leftovers, but they were all taken home eagerly. No food waste at this event, that’s for sure. And even better they took their own dirty dishes home! Little did we know that this would be the last in person event for a while. 

The event was made possible thanks to funding from the Communities Integration Grant of the Office for Promotion of Migrant Integration.

There was also a great article about this in Skerries News, see below.

Photographs by Sabine, Vivek (2)

Continued below.

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