For a Sustainable Skerries 2030 and Beyond


Just a smallish town in one of the fastest-growing counties in Ireland.

Only about 10,000 of the nearly 300,000 people in Fingal live here. That’s just over three per cent.

But to us, Skerries is number one.

So let’s make sure that the vision for Skerries that will be in the next Fingal Development Plan is our vision!

The motto of Sustainable Skerries is: Empowering our community towards a sustainable and resilient future for Skerries.

We take the UN Sustainable Development Goals as our guidance and see the social and economic aspects of sustainability as important parts of sustainability.

Join us to explore how this can guide our submissions to the next Fingal Development Plan!

You are invited to an information and discussion event for individuals, groups, organisations living or working in Skerries.

So often, we feel that we have little control over the direction in which developments go in Skerries. The facts set out in the Fingal County Development Plan in particular can leave us at times with a feeling of helpless frustration.

Well, here is our opportunity to have a say in the vision and strategic direction for the next Fingal Development Plan!

The initial public consultation on the overall strategic approach is currently open.

This online meeting, organised by Sustainable Skerries and is intended to help create a strong voice for Skerries during this phase.

Join us on Zoom on Thurs 8 April 2021 from 8 to 10 p.m. – secure your seat on the form at the bottom of this page or via Eventbrite.

It offers you the opportunity to learn about the current consultation process: 

You will be offered a basic understanding of 

  • the planning process and its current stage, 
  • the consultation framework, 
  • and the themes along which the plan will be structured. 

You’ll see how to make your own (individual or group) submission.

The meeting will also offer the space and time to discuss some of the issues that are most important to Skerries. 

Sustainable Skerries is going to draft its own submission, and the 8 April meeting is going to inform that submission significantly. You could say it’s going to be a listening exercise for us. 

We are hoping to bring some of our ideas, to hear those of other people and groups in our town, and to tease out where our common priorities may lie.

If you’d like to read up on the whole process, you can do so on the County Council’s Development Plan Webpage. And you probably have received their brochure through your letterbox! Their full Strategic Issues Paper (80 pages) is available here.

Submissions on this first strategic part of the planning process will be accepted by Fingal County Council until Wednesday 12 May.

This online event will help clarify our views, and we are sure it will improve our submissions – the one we are going to make as Sustainable Skerries, and the ones we hope you might submit yourselves.

Please help us spread the word! 

The Sustainable Skerries team.

Sustainable Skerries is a committee of the Skerries Community Association.

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