Let’s give those torn uniforms a new life!

If anyone here has kids in St Pat’s, they will probably know that some parents have taken the initiative to save torn, worn, and / or scruffy uniform items from the bin.

They are sharing the below message in class WhatsApp groups.

REQUEST for old uniforms destined for the bin – Dear Parents,

As we finish up this year many will be passing on old uniforms to friends or family and many will be donated which is great.

For those uniforms and tracksuits that are torn, worn, have holes or scuffs that you plan to throw into bin after this week can we ask that you instead donate them for a uniform upcycling workshop over the summer and next year?

Even those that seem well worn and beyond repair can be used as material for other ones.

You can either

1) hold onto them if you and your kids are interested in attending a fun repair cafe over the summer and message ….. to stay in the loop,

2) donate them now for the repair cafe once they have been washed.

You can drop them to…[address redacted]… where we will take them anytime. Thank you so much. 🧵🧶👍🌍♻️

This went out to the parents of St Patrick’s National School, Skerries.

If anyone has kids in Realt Na Mara or even Skerries Community College and wants to do similar collection and / or do repair cafés together, send an email to sustskerries@gmail.com and we’ll put you in touch. (The same applies if your kids do go to St Patrick’s and you somehow missed the WhatsApp messages!)

The parent in question, committee member Sarah-Jane, says: “Just throwing out the requests now to save what we can from the bin this week – we will organise the event then based on how much interest and donations we get. Thanks 👍”

Brilliant idea, don’t you think?

And thank you also to committee member Helen, who kindly provided us with this picture. We think that does certainly come under torn, worn, and / or scruffy!

Can’t wait to see what this will look like post-repair café!

For any outgrown uniforms not in need of repair, or for anyone looking to pick up a second-hand uniform, all three charity shops in Skerries are accepting donations and already have a growing stock of great quality uniforms for all schools in Skerries available throughout the summer.

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