Help make a difference for our future: Join the Skerries Eco Town Course!

By now we all know that we are living in a double emergency (if not triple or quadruple), given the situation of climate change and biodiversity loss. Wouldn’t you love to come along to the ecovillage in Cloughjordan and learn from them what we in Skerries could do about these emergencies? Sustainable Skerries have organised an eco course for anyone who wants to be involved locally in tackling the problem.

Join our blended course this autumn!  Please sign up as soon as possible while there are still spaces!

💚 Six weekly classes (online) addressing the most relevant aspects of climate action, how to deal with biodiversity loss, resilience, project management and community building: Tuesdays 8 pm from Tue 20 Sep to Tue 25 Oct

💚 Weekend session in Cloughjordan Co. Tipperary on Sat 24 / Sun 25 September: Eight classes in an existing ecovillage (immersive learning) to experience what is possible in real life, including learning from those who are actively involved in the development of the eco village

💚 Cost involved: €75 per person including the weekly sessions, multi-occupancy accommodation and most food in Cloughjordan.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the EAFRD
– The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas –
and the Irish Department of Rural and Community Development.


I’m not in any community group. Can I still do the course?
Yes, of course, as long as you’re willing to consider getting involved in some way after the course. Please sign up as soon as possible while there are still spaces!

I can’t come for the entire weekend. Can I still do the course?
Ideally, everyone would be there for the weekend as well. This immersive learning from an eco village is invaluable. However, if you can only come for the Saturday or the Sunday, let us know in the comments of the form. Please sign up as soon as possible while there are still spaces!

I already know a lot about biodiversity / climate / sustainable energy… Can I skip that weekly session?
The weekly sessions are no mere information-transfer sessions. They are about sharing what we already know, and applying what we are learning to our life and community in Skerries. Ideally, everyone would attend each session, the weekly ones as well as the weekend. Oh, and: Please sign up as soon as possible while there are still spaces!

How much does this cost?
We’re glad you asked. It will cost about €350 per person, based on 20 people attending. Luckily, we have secured LEADER / EU funding for this, and each participant only pays €75! That covers the weekly sessions as well as some of the meals in Cloughjordan and the accommodation in shared rooms. Great value. Please sign up as soon as possible while there are still spaces!

 What is the accommodation like?
We have full use of Django’s B&B (formerly Django’s Hostel) in the ecovillage of Cloughjordan. We have a number of triple rooms (including double beds and bunk beds), twin rooms and a double room. As we’re writing this, there are also three rooms available on Air BnB, so if you’d prefer not to share, or want to bring along a partner / family member who is not doing the course, secure one of them for yourself. Make sure to register all the same! We need to know who is coming as soon as possible, and:  Please sign up as soon as possible while there are still spaces!

I want to bring my partner / child / dog…
That is fine, but you’ll have to arrange your own accommodation as we don’t have any extra spaces in Django’s…

Will I get a reduced rate if I’m staying elsewhere / not coming to Cloughjordan?
The €75 per person will apply in all cases. If that is not affordable for you, please send an email to Sabine in confidence via and we will see how we can help. 

How will we get there, and when does the “weekend” start and end?
We hope to be car sharing as much as possible (travel costs will have to be met by participants themselves). We’ll probably leave around 8, 8.30 am on the Saturday and be back around 7, 7.30 pm on Sunday.

So what is expected of participants?
1.  Please sign up as soon as possible while there are still spaces!
2. Participate in the weekly classes (normally 90 min on Zoom or similar, with a strong participatory element). Extra reading / study is possible and is encouraged, but not “mandatory.”
3. Participate in the weekend in Cloughjordan, unless that is impossible.
4. Participate in a final event, format and date and time to be decided in the group, where we will bring our learning together and then share it with the wider community.

Will a lot of basic information be covered? Will the content be relevant to Skerries, or general in nature?
The Cloughjordan course team is going to tailor the classes to where we are. We are preparing inputs and will ask participants for their contributions, too, describing what is already happening in Skerries and what isn’t. We also will assume a general awareness around climate change, biodiversity loss, etc., and there will be pointers to good online material (short videos, texts etc.) for a refresher / basic introduction.
Please sign up as soon as possible while there are still spaces!

I have another question that is not covered here.
Great! Please send it ASAP to us via

Last updated on 22 June 2022 by SMcK

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