Join Skerries Allotment Association

Here’s the thing, I’m not big into joining associations, clubs and such like. But. (there’s always a but…) after being up working my new allotment for the past month, I really have to recommend joining the association.

No. 1: I have saved a fortune on fencing posts, wire and rabbit netting from Whites Agri, who are giving 10% off all their products on production of a Skerries Allotment Association membership card.

No 2: There are several group buys being organised for the association members. I got my garden shed delivered yesterday. Organised by Barry from the association. Many thanks to Barry, who looked after organising the group buy and was there from early in the morning to supervise the fitting of the sheds by Funshog Sheds. I was in work at the time and I certainly appreciate the effort which Barry went to to ensure all eight members who ordered the sheds were looked after.

No 3: It gives the association much greater strength of repreentation if everyone joins the association. In our discussions with Fingal Co Co. we have a much stronger voice if we speak for all plot holders. So ensuring the improvement of the allotment site with sustainable, resilient and bio-diverse development.

Its also great craic. It will cost you €10 per year, but you will get this back in savings 5 times over in your first year.

If you are intersted in joining the association, email us on

2 Comments on “Join Skerries Allotment Association

  1. My brother has grown Tomatoeplants from seed and is looking to see if anybody is intrested in buying them.The variety is Moneymaker and they are 3.50 for 6 plants.If anyone is intrested you can call in to Aidan O’Brien Butchers

    • Hi Aidan,
      thats great might just call down there myself.

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