JuicyHow much energy does searching the internet use? That’s the question that Google addressed recently on its own blog. Their figures compare the amount of carbon dioxide emitted each time a person does a Google search with other activities, like making a cheeseburger or a glass of orange juice.

Reports earlier in the year indicated that performing two Google searches could generate the same amount of CO2 as boiling a kettle for a cup of tea. If Google is to be believed, it seems their search engine is more energy efficient than that. You can read all about it here.

Spirit of Ireland

A group of engineers, academics, architects, geologists, and construction experts have launched a plan to make Ireland energy independent within five years.

The Spirit of Ireland group intends to harness wind power to ease our dependence on imported fossil fuels and deliver a €10bn stimulus to the economy. Harvesting wind energy involves the creation of hydro storage reservoirs, which store excess wind energy, providing more generation capacity when required. The group has earmarked a number of sites on the west coast of Ireland that could house these hydro storage reservoirs.

Spirit of Ireland wants the public to get in touch and give their opinion about the project at www.spiritofireland.org.


Want to bask in the warm weather and bonhomie of the Sustainable Skerries launch? Click on the image above or here to visit a Picassa gallery of the event. Images provided by Dagmar Tirge-Lilie and Brendan Morrissey.

Photo, Dagmar Tirge-Lille

Photo, Dagmar Tirge-Lille

The Sustainable Skerries Transition town initiative was launched in Skerries Mills on Sunday May 3rd. There was an excellent turnout, with crowds flocking to learn more about sustainable energy, gardening, beekeeping, composting, biodiversity, insulation, and a host of energy saving devices. There were activities for kids, the Bike Doctor tended to broken bikes, and even the sun made an appearance.

Green Party TD and Minister for state for food and horticulture, Trevor Sargent officially launched the transition town initiative, stating that Skerries was joining towns like Kinsale, and closer to home, Balbriggan, in creating a greener and more energy efficient place to live.

A large number of people registered their interest in getting involved, with everything from gardening to biomass briquetting mentioned as areas of interest. We’ll be getting in touch with all these in the weeks ahead. If you wanted to get involved you can email us your details and any areas of expertise or interest here

pumpkinInterested in growing your own vegetables? If so Irish Times journalist Fionnula Fallon has some words of wisdom. You can find her tips from the OPW’s restored walled garden in Ashtown here.

RecyclingFrom Monday, March 30 there will be revised opening times for Fingal’s recycling centres. The Fingal County Council Recycling Centres at Coolmine in Dublin 15, Estuary in Swords, and Balbriggan will no longer open on Mondays and Tuesdays. The centres will open Wednesday to Saturday from 9.00am to 4.00pm.

For further information contact Alain Kerveillant, Assistant Scientist, Fingal County Council.
Tel: 01 8906271

The mass-produced electric car maybe a thing of the future, but the power struggle surrounding the vehicles of tomorrow is in full swing today. The ITN’s Lindsey Hilsum reports on the production of Lithium in Bolivia, proving that regardless how green the fuel, there’s always a raw material to be mined, and always a power struggle to be fought.

2009’s Greenest Buildings

TSynergy at Dockside Greenhe American Institute of Architects and its Committee on the Environment announced 2009’s Top 10 environmentally responsible architecture and design for buildings earlier this week. The list offers plenty of inspiration for anyone interested in greener buildings. Read it in full here.

wateringUrban farmer, Fionnula Fallon talks about planting soft fruits such as strawberries in the Pheonix Park. This slideshow from the Irish Times includes hints on planting, fertilising and a range of tips to help the plants flourish. The slideshow can be seen here.

beansInterested in starting your own vegetable garden? If so, you’re in luck. There’ll be a one-day practical course in vegetable growing in Ardgillan next Saturday, April 25, from 11am to 4pm. The cost is €60

For further details available from Fingal County Council Parks Division. Tel (01) 849 2212 
or Email: Parks@fingalcoco.ie